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If you are reading this, it means you value your privacy. We understand your needs, that is why we have prepared this document for you. It contains privacy and cookie policy for using our website

Official information for starters: the website controller is Viktoriia Fuzurra.

In case of any further questions or doubts concerning our privacy policy, feel free to contact us:

The most important information – shortened version

We take good care of both your privacy and time. That is why we have compiled a shortened version of the most important regulations regarding privacy and data protection.

  1. By creating a user account, making an order, subscribing to a newsletter, adding comments on the blog or simply contacting us, you share your data with us. We are guaranteeing that your data shall remain confidential, safe and shall not be distributed to any other entities without your consent.

  2. Data processing has been carried out only by proven and trustworthy entities that specialize in data processing.

  3. We are ensuring the possibility to use social media with options to share the contents or subscribe to the profile. Using such functions may be connected to using cookies of controllers of such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

  4. We use our cookies only for website maintenance.

If the above information is not satisfactory for you, please find below detailed information.

Personal Data

The controller of your data within the personal data protection regulations is Viktoriia Fuzurra. 

Purposes, legal basis, and data processing period are set forth separately concerning each purpose of data processing.

Rights. Within the Regulation (Eu) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons about the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (henceforth the Regulation), you are entitled to the following rights:​​

  • right to access personal data,

  • right to rectify personal data,

  • right to delete personal data,

  • right to limit personal data processing,

  • right to object to personal data processing,

  • right to transfer personal data,

  • right to appeal to a supervisory authority,

  • right to revoke the consent to personal data processing if you gave one.

Regulations regarding the implementation of each right have been covered in detail in Articles 16-21 under the said Regulation. We encourage you to read the said Regulation. We would like to inform you that the above rights are not strict and do not apply to all actions regarding processing your data. For your convenience, we have made every endeavor to describe every right within the scope of our data processing.

We would like to stress that one of the above-mentioned rights is applicable at all times, namely: if you think that we have violated personal data protection, you are entitled to make a complaint to the supervisory authority (The President of the Protection of Personal Data Office).

You have every right to contact us concerning gaining access to information about how your data are being processed. If necessary, please contact us through e-mail:

We have made every endeavor for all necessary information concerning personal data processing to be detailed in the following privacy policy. The above-mentioned e-mail address may be also used to inquire about any problems related to processing your data.

Safety. We ensure the confidentiality of all personal data and when exercising all safety and personal data protection measures required under the said Regulation on personal data protection. Personal data are stored with due diligence and adequately protected against the access of unauthorized persons.

The recipients. Your data may be processed by our subcontracting companies, which are the entities whose services we use for processing personal data or providing services for your benefit. 

All entities, we entrust personal data processing are obliged to implement proper safety measures and personal data protection measures required by the law provisions.​

Purpose and record-keeping

Newsletter. If you want to sign up for a newsletter, you have to provide us your e-mail address in the newsletter form. Providing an e-mail address is voluntary, however necessary if you want to sign up for a newsletter.

Data provided to us upon signing up for a newsletter are used to send you a newsletter. The legal basis for personal data processing is your consent by Article 6(1)(a) given when signing up for a newsletter.

Personal data will be processed as long as you are subscribed to a newsletter. Signing out means removing your data from the database.

You may rectify personal data kept in a newsletter database, as well as demand deleting them upon signing out from the newsletter. You are entitled to the right of portability according to Article 20 under the Regulation.

E-mail contact. Contacting us through e-mail, including inquiry sent by the contact form, you provide us with your e-mail address as a sender. Moreover, the contents of your e-mail may include other personal data. Providing such data is voluntary but necessary to contact us.

Therefore, your data are processed to contact you in compliance with Article 6(1)(a) which means that you have given your consent when initiating contact with us. The legal basis for processing your data after the contact is an e-mail archive for the company under Article 6(1)(c).

The contents of your e-mail may undergo the process of archiving and we cannot unequivocally determine when they will be deleted. You have a right to demand being presented with the history of the correspondence you had with us (if it underwent archiving) as well as demand deleting it, unless archiving the correspondence is justified on account of the overriding interest of the company, for example, protection from your prospective claims.

Comments. The form has to include data such as e-mail address, user name and optionally website address.

Provided data will be processed for the comment system. Your comment and defined user name will be visible on the website. The legal basis for this purpose is Article 6(1)(a) which means your consent given upon adding a comment.

Data will be processed as long as the comment system is available. You may demand to delete your comment at any time which means also deleting a comment from the database.

Cookies and other tracking tools

Our website and store, just like any other websites use cookie files.

Cookie is a computer data in the text file format, kept on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) which can be displayed by our computerized system (same-site cookies) and by the computerized system of third parties (third-party cookies).

Some of the cookies are deleted after closing the browser (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your device and allow us to determine your browser during your next visit on the website (persistent cookie).

More details below.

Enabling cookies. During your first visit on a website, information concerning cookies files pops out. With a special tool, you may manage cookie files. Moreover, you may always change cookie settings in your browser or just delete them. Browsers manage cookie files in many ways. In your settings, you may find instructions concerning cookie settings change.

Be aware that disabling or limiting cookies may affect using our website as well as other websites using cookies.

Same-site cookies. These cookies are used for our website’s better maintenance.

Third-party cookies. Our website, just like other websites these days, uses functions provided by third parties, which entails using cookies from third parties. Such cookies are described below.

Social networking. Plugs and other social media tools powered by social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

Browsing our website with such plugs, your browser will establish a direct connection with the Facebook controller (services provider). Plug’s content is passed by a given service provider directly to your browser where it is integrated. Through integration, your service providers obtain information, that your browser has displayed our website even if you have no user account or you are not logged in at the very moment. Such information (with your IP address) is sent by your browser directly to the service provider’s servers (some servers are located in the USA) where they are kept.

If you’re signed in to one of your social network accounts, service provider will be able to match your visit on our website to your user account in a given social network.

If you use a certain plug for example by clicking buttons “Like” or “Share”, then proper information will be sent directly to the service provider’s server and kept as well.

Moreover, such information will be published in a given social network and will be available for your contacts. Additional information related to the purpose and scope of gathering data and its further processing by service providers, the possibility to contact you, the rights you have to ensure your data protection are covered by privacy policy provided by each service providers could found on:

If you don’t want social network services to match data gathered while browsing our website with your user account in a given service, you need to sign out before visiting our website. You may also disable plugs to be loaded on our website using certain extensions available for your browser, for example blocking scripts.

Server logs

Browsing a website entails sending inquiries to the server, where the website is kept. Each inquiry directed to the server is saved in server logs.

Logs include your IP address, date and time, browser and operating system information, among others. Logs are saved and kept on servers.

Data save in server logs are not matched with specific users browsing the website and are not used for your identification.

Server logs constitute an auxiliary tool to administer the website and its contents are confidential to unauthorized persons.

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