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I. General provisions

1. The online shop is run by Viktoriia Fuzurra.

2. Contact us using e-mail: or by phone +48 609 616 799.

3. The Regulations define the rights and obligations of the Customers as well as the rights and obligations of the Seller as to the entity managing and operating the Store.

4. The Regulations are available in the Polish and English language version.

5. Customers are obliged to comply with proprietary copyrights and rights arising from the registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, utility, and industrial designs.

6. The owner of Viktoriia Fuzurra undertakes to use the personal data of the store's clients only for reliable performance of the distance sale agreement. Privacy Policy is HERE, it is available when placing an order and sent each time in an e-mail with confirmation of the order.


II. Definitions

The terms used in the Terms of Use shall have the meanings as defined below:

1. Shop – the online shop operating at the web address:

2. Customer – anyone purchasing at the online shop, and anyone who has given their consent to receive the newsletter.

3. Controller – the person who determines the objectives and methods of processing of the Customers' data, in this case, Viktoriia Fuzurra  as the Shop owner.

4. Newsletter – a service provided by the online shop to those Users, who have given their consent to receive our newsletter; the service involves sending information about the online shop.

5. Consumer – a natural person, who enters into a legal transaction with an entrepreneur, not directly connected with their business or professional activity.

7. Entrepreneur – a natural person, legal person or unincorporated organization (without legal personality), entering into legal transactions on its behalf within its business activity or professional activity.

8. Working days – days of the week, from Monday to Friday, except for statutory holidays.

9.  Terms of Use – this document, setting out the terms and conditions of use of the online shop and the Shop's privacy policy.


III. Technical terms of use of the Store.

1. To use the Store, the Customer should have:
• a device transferring ICT data
• access to the Internet
• email address

2. The store collects information contained in cookies, which are text files, these files do not store any personal data, are used in an anonymous way to assess the real interest in the website on the store's website. Cookies are used to exchange information between the Store and the User, which greatly facilitates the adjustment of the offer to the expectations and preferences of each Store User. The customer decides about the use of cookies. Web browsers are often set by default to install these files on the client's end device, which can change settings at any time.
3. The store informs that disabling the use of cookies by the customer may affect the functionalities available in the store.
4. Detailed information on Cookies files is included in the Cookie Files Policy,
available at which is an integral part of these regulations.

IV. Order fulfillment

1. The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing the customer to place an order at any time, except for maintenance breaks.
2. Clients in the case of natural persons may only be persons with full capacity
for legal transactions.
3. The customer places the order in the following way:
• the choice of goods made by adding them to the basket
• choosing the form of delivery and payment
• providing data to the registration/login form and delivery form
• approval of the order via the "order with obligation to pay" button
• sending an order confirmation to the Customer's e-mail address
• an order placed in electronic form will be confirmed no later than within two business days (excluding holidays) from the receipt of the order. Confirmation will be sent by e-mail or by phone
4. The customer undertakes to provide true data.
5. The order confirmation sent to the Customer includes:
• store data including the exact mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number
• product description (eg quantity, color, dimensions)
• unit and total price of all products
• order price = total product price + contract performance costs, including payment and delivery
• payment method
• information about the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days
• information on the right to warranty
• in the attachment, a model of withdrawal from the contract is sent within 14 days

6. Orders are usually sent the next business day, but the store reserves the right to 8 days for the delivery.


V. Payment method

1. The customer has the option of making a payment for the goods in the form of a placed order in the following forms:
• by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Store.
• payment system:  PayPal.
2. Costs associated with making payments are given on the order/order confirmation email and are included in the final price of the order. For the use of a particular form of payment, the seller may not demand payment from the consumer above the costs incurred by the seller in this respect.


VI. Prices and shipping costs

1. All offers in the online store are only an invitation for the customer to submit an appropriate purchase offer.
2. Prices given for products on the Store website are given in Polish Zloty or Euro including taxes and fees. The price of the product before the "to basket" button designation does not include shipping costs and other additional fees. Shipping and payment costs are added to the sum of ordered products. The customer is informed before placing an order with additional costs, eg related to the packaging.
3. The final price of the order, binding the Store and the Customer is the product price given on the Store's website before placing the order by the Customer along with all costs related to the performance of the contract.
4. Information on the total value of the order (including costs of delivery, payment) is available before choosing the option "I am ordering - a transaction with the obligation to pay" and is confirmed in an e-mail sent to the address provided by the customer.


VII. Delivery

1. The customer selects the type of delivery

• courier company DPD.

2. The delivery period is 7 days unless the delivery date has been determined on an individual basis.
In the event of exceeding the deadline specified in the previous sentence, the consumer has the right to appoint an additional time to the seller. If the goods are still not released, the buyer may withdraw from the contract.
3. Deliveries take place on working days, from Monday to Friday. On weekends and free days from work, deliveries are not carried out.
4. The seller is responsible for the risk of accidental loss or damage to the product until the consumer receives it unless the consumer has chosen a different form of delivery than the delivery proposed by the Seller.
5. The buyer has the option of checking the goods at the time of picking up the goods and in the event of any damage, write the report in the presence of the supplier. Writing down the minutes is not a condition for submitting a complaint or for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract.
6. The goods are delivered to all EU countries.


VIII. Complaints

1. Where the Product purchased does not comply with the agreement, the Customer can exercise his/her rights arising from the provisions of the Civil Code.

2. Complaints about the ordered Products can be submitted by email to the address:

3. To make it easier to submit complaints, a model complaint form with data enabling the identification of the transaction can be found at the URL address: HERE.  The use of this form is voluntary.

4. A complaint should include in particular the following data: Customer's first name and surname, address, order number, transaction date, subject and reason for the complaint.

5. If the product sold is faulty, the Customer can require it to be repaired or replaced with a product free from defects. The Shop is obliged to replace the faulty product with one free from defects or to have it repaired within a reasonable time, without excessive inconvenience for the Customer. The Shop can refuse to grant the Customer's request, if restoring the faulty product to the condition stipulated by agreement in the way chosen by the Customer is not feasible or entails excessive expense, compared with other possible ways of restoring the product to the condition stipulated by the agreement. If the Customer is an Entrepreneur, the Shop may also refuse to replace the product with one free from defects or to repair it when the costs of fulfilling this obligation exceed the price of the product sold.

6. If the product is faulty, the Customer may submit a notice of price reduction or a notice of withdrawal from the agreement, unless the Shop immediately and without excessive inconvenience for the Customer replaces the faulty product with one free from defects or repairs it. This restriction does not apply, if the product has already been replaced or repaired by the Shop, or if the Shop did not fulfill its obligation to replace or repair the faulty product. The reduced price should be in the same proportion to the price indicated in the agreement as the value of the faulty product is to the value of the product without defects. The Customer cannot withdraw from the agreement if the fault is trivial.

7. If the Customer is a Consumer, he/she may require the product to be replaced with one free from defects instead of having it repaired, as offered by the Shop, or require the product to be repaired instead of replaced, unless restoring the product to the condition stipulated by agreement in the way chosen by the Customer is not feasible or requires excessive costs, compared to the solution suggested by the Shop. The definition of excessive costs will depend on the value of the product without defects, the type and seriousness of the defect, as well as the inconvenience for the Customer, if his/her claim were satisfied differently.

8. If the Customer as a consumer requires the product to be replaced or repaired or has submitted a notice of price reduction, where he/she has indicated the amount by which the price should be reduced, and the Shop does not consider the notice within fourteen days, the Customer's request will be deemed justified.

9. The Customer will be notified about the decision within fourteen days, via email or post to the address that he/she used to make the complaint unless the Customer indicates a different address for correspondence.

10. The above provisions do not exclude the Customer's right to exercise his/her rights following binding provisions of law. The Customer, being a consumer may use an out-of-court complaints handling procedure to defend his/her claims, according to the principles presented on the in the „out-of-court dispute settlement” tab, available at the address:

11. The Customer who is a consumer, in deciding to use out-of-court complaints and claims handling procedure, may in particular turn to the following:

a) The Permanent Consumer Court of Arbitration referred to in art. 37 of the Act of 15 December 2000 concerning Trade Inspection (Journal of Laws of 2001 No 4 item 25 as amended), with a request to settle the dispute arising from the concluded Sale Agreement.

b) The Voivodship Inspector of the Trade Inspection, according to art. 36 of the Act of 15 December 2000 r. concerning Trade Inspection (Journal of Laws of 2001 No 4, item 25 as amended), with a request to initiate a mediation procedure to settle the dispute between the Customer and the Seller amicably.

IX. The right to withdraw from the contract

1. The consumer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, submitting within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product a relevant statement in any form or without issuing a written statement simply by sending the product back. To comply with the above deadline, just send a statement/product before its expiry to the address name Viktoriia Fuzurra.
2. The consumer expresses the will to use the right to withdraw from the contract also by returning the goods, following the procedures set out in paragraph. 1 of this chapter.
3. In the situation of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered null and void. What the parties have witnessed is returned unchanged. The return should take place immediately, not later than within 14 days.

4. The direct costs of returning the goods shall be paid by the Buyer unless the Store has agreed to bear them or did not inform the consumer about his right to withdraw from the contract.
5. If the Customer withdraws from the contract, the Store will refund the product price within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Consumer's statement. The refund will be made to the bank account indicated by the Consumer. The store issues a written confirmation of the return of the benefit.
6. The consumer is obliged to return the product not later than 14 days from the date on which he rescinded the contract unless the entrepreneur suggested that he would pick up the item himself. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the goods before its expiry.
7. The model of the withdrawal from the contract is available on the Store website and is sent in an email confirming the order.
8. The right to withdraw from a distance contract is not entitled to the Consumer in cases of:
• services with properties defined by the consumer in the order he or she submitted or closely related to him, services that are tailored to the individual needs of the consumer.


X.  Others

1. The Regulations are available at ​
2. The customer has the option of reading, downloading the content of the regulations on his device and print the document.
3. The Store will amend the provisions of the Regulations for important reasons after prior
informing customers by publishing a uniform text of the Regulations on pages Store and send its contents to the email address provided by the Customer. Changed or modified regulations have binding force after fulfilling other conditions provided for by law, only for legal relationships created after entry into force changes or modifications.
4. Amendments to the regulations will not in any way affect the rights of acquired customers using the Store before the day of entry into force of the changes.


Regulations come into force on 29.11.2018r.

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