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The customer can make a claim or complaint related to the goods or the sales process in any way he chooses. However, we prefer in written form to the address as follows:

Complaints Form


 If in doubt the customer can contact the Seller by telephone, number:

+48 609 616 799


To effectively process the complaint, we advise that the following information is included: Name and address, email address, telephone number, subject of complaint, order number and order instruction from the client, all matters related to the reasons for the complaint and product return, date of discovery of fault, and if possible a photograph of the fault.

The sales representative will reply within 14 days of receiving the complaint.


If the product has a fault the customer can:

1. Make a request to reduce the price or resign from the sales agreement, unless the seller immediately and without unwarranted inconveniencing of the customer changes the faulty product for one without fault or can remove the fault.

This restriction does not apply if the product has already been exchanged or repaired by the seller or if the seller has not exchanged the product or fixed it sufficiently quickly. The customer can instead of the proposed repaired product demand an exchange and instead of an exchange demand that the original is repaired, unless that this definition of the sales agreement which has been chosen by the customer is impossible to fulfil, or would cost an unreasonable amount in comparison to the way proposed by the seller.

2. Demand an exchange of the faulty product for one without fault or the removal of the fault. The seller is obliged to exchange the faulty product for one without fault or remove the fault in a reasonable amount of time without unwarranted inconveniencing of the customer.

The seller can refuse to fulfil the refund demands of the customers if the path chosen regarding the sales agreement in terms of the return and refund demanded is impossible to fulfil, or if when compared to another way of dealing with the issue it is unreasonably expensive. The repair or exchange costs are to be met by the Seller.

A customer who exercises his rights based on a warranty or guarantee is obliged to return the faulty product to the seller’s address.

In the case where the Client is also a customer the seller will cover the transport costs.


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